Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush Are Business Partners

FILE - In this Sept. 28, 2014, file photo, New York Yankees' Derek Jeter speaks to the media after the last baseball game of his career, against the Boston Red Sox, at Fenway Park in Boston.  Jeter will help pay tribute to “The Greatest”: Derek Jeter’s publishing imprint is set to release “Muhammad Ali Unfiltered.” Publication is set for October, according to a joint announcement given to The Associated Press on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016 by Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Jeter Publishing.(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

A group of investors that includes New York Yankees great Derek Jeter and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush have reportedly reached an agreement to buy the Miami Marlins club.

According to Bloomberg and the Miami Herald, current owner Jeffrey Loria will receive $1.3 billion for the National League baseball organization, which makes for a pretty decent flip, considering he only paid $158 million for the Miami upstart in 2002.

For Jeter’s part, the move is a dream come true. He has long expressed a yearning to get into the business, saying during a Turn 2 Foundation event back in December that he had “made it very clear of ownership aspirations at some point.” The retired Yankee would add, “Who knows when that is, who knows if you get the opportunity. I hope I do. Well we are glad he has finally gotten a shot!