Magic Johnson Sues Beverly Hills Jeweler

Magic Johnson has filed a lawsuit against a jewelry business in Beverly Hills, California over a $250,000 deposit.

The 57-year-old basketball legend filed the lawsuit against Gina Amir Atelier jewelers that he called a ‘thieves den,’ according to a story on Wednesday by TMZ. The former Los Angeles Lakers star claimed that he borrowed $850,000 in jewelry from the business for his wife, Cookie, for their 25th wedding anniversary last September. Johnson claimed the store took a $250,000 deposit for a gold and platinum ring covered in diamonds and a large platinum necklace with 101 white diamonds.

The lawsuit claimed that Cookie, 57, wore the two pieces and brought them back a week later undamaged. The store allegedly never returned Johnson’s $250,000 deposit. The lawsuit alleged the jewelers ‘conspired to defraud’ Johnson and used him as a ‘personal ATM.