Presented by AARP

AURN, in partnership with Flying Free Films and AARP, premieres an original, WGA scripted podcast series, “Invisible Eagles: Bessie Coleman,” starring Oscar-nominated Quvenzhané Wallis as Bessie. Designed as an eight-episode EVENT, this ‘made for podcast’ project gives a dramatic account of America’s first Black female pilot. It takes us around the world, from America to Europe and Africa, during the 1920’s and 1930’s — a time of the Great Depression, new technology, two world wars, and the horrors of Jim Crow. “Invisible Eagles” will keep you guessing about what will happen next as Bessie Coleman, one of the greatest daredevil stunt pilots in American history, takes us on the flight of our lives!

Ep. 1: At Home in Texas

Bessie Coleman tells her story which begins in a poor town in the Jim Crow south and ends with the United States Treasuryminting a quarter with her name and face. In this episode, we meet Bessie and her parents, who wanted her to keep her feet on solid ground and not dream too big. But that was never in Bessie’s nature.

Ep. 2: Dreaming of Flying

Bessie reunites with siblings to start a new life in Chicago. A country girl from Texas has a lot to learn about life in a big city.

Ep. 3: Up in the Air

Frustrated by racism and misogyny and inspired by Eugene Bullard, Bessie looks to France as an opportunity to become a pilot.

Ep. 4: No. 18.310

Bessie is challenged at flight school and digs deep to prove herself and reach her goals. While savoring her new life in Paris, she meets an interesting new friend with significant connections.

Ep. 5: By Any Means Necessary

Bessie returns home to the US to cheering crowds. The return to the States proves to be another culture shock as Bessie struggles to find a job.

Ep. 6: Brave Bessie

Bessie wows crowds as a stunt pilot. Dubbed “The World’s Greatest Flyer” by American press, Bessie decides it is time to own her own plane.

Ep. 7: Live. Love. Laugh.

After a terrifying crash, Bessie returns home to recover and reunites with an old friend. While in Chicago, Bessie realizes her calling is in the air, not on the ground.

Ep. 8: Getting Her Flowers

Bessie is back in Texas to open a flight school. Another disaster sends Bessie packing yet again where she meets an influential person who would change her life.