April Ryan

White House Correspondent April Ryan has a unique vantage point as the only Black female reporter covering urban issues from the White House, a position she has held since the Clinton era.

On behalf of the American Urban Radio Networks, and through her Fabric of America news blog, she delivers her readership and listeners (millions of African Americans and close to 300 radio affiliates) a “unique urban and minority perspective in news.” Her position as a White House Correspondent has afforded her unusual insight into the racial sensitivities, issues, and attendant political struggles of our nation’s last presidents.

She can be seen almost daily on television as a political analyst on such programs as Hardball with Chris Matthews (among others). April is the author of the award winning book, The Presidency in Black & White, and her latest book, At Mama’s Knee: Race in Black & White (December 2016). A paperback version of The Presidency in Black & White, with updates about President Trump, will be published later this year.