125th Anniversary of Wilmington Massacre: A Grim Reminder of Racial Violence and a Coup Against Reconstruction-Era Progress


Wilmington, N.C. race riot, 1898: Armed rioters in front of the burned-down "Record" press building.
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On this day (Nov. 10) in 1898, the Wilmington Massacre took place in Wilmington, North Carolina. This tragic event occurred exactly 125 years ago, marking a brutal display of white supremacy and the violent overthrow of the elected Reconstruction-era government.

During the Wilmington Massacre, white supremacists targeted African Americans, engaging in a ruthless campaign of murder and intimidation.

On Nov. 11, 1898, members of the Wilmington Light Infantry escort black men to Wilmington’s train station to send them out of town. See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The violence was not only aimed at individuals but also sought to dismantle the progress made during the Reconstruction era. Elected officials who supported the rights of African Americans were forcibly removed from their positions in a coup.

The Wilmington Massacre is a reminder of the persistent struggle for civil rights in the United States and how a coup or an insurrection should never be downplayed.

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