2 Boston Cops Critically Wounded in Shootout


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33-year old Kirk Figueroa (left) was killed in a shoot-out with police during a domestic violence call Thursday, 10/13/16. (ElitePolicing.org, AP)


In what’s been called a “domestic dispute gone bad,” two Boston police officers were shot and “extremely critically wounded” while responding to reports of a domestic situation in East Boston.  Nine other offficers were treated for suffered minor injuries and emotional distress.

The gunman, identified the suspect as 33-year-old Kirk Figueroa, was a City of Boston constable according to Heavy.com, and co-owner of a security firm called Elite Policing.

Commissioner William Evans says Figueroa was wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle when he shot the officers late Wednesday. He was shot and killed by police.

A spokesman said Boston police had never arrested Figueroa before.

The injured officers were out of surgery by Thursday morning. They are still in critical condition. Their names have not been released yet.

Two Boston police officers shot and critically injured responding to a domestic incident are out of surgery.

Source: Boston (AP)

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