Anexis Ruiz Reivents What It Means To Be A DJ In 2022


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Bronx native, Anexis Ruiz, is a rising artist that centers his messages around providing spaces for marginalized communities. Love and freedom are two words that echo throughout Ruiz’s work in relation to the music he produces. Ruiz plans on curating events to squeeze in communities who feel ostracized in mainstream culture.

Ruiz’s journey starts at a young age, in which he began showcasing his talents in musicals. From playing the trombone and tuba, it sparked his interests in music. It was not until high school he discovered his passion in curating spaces and producing. He took this further after graduating and attending Howard University.

“But it really wasn’t until after high school where I started taking those experiences, skills and passions and my original bag of creations and making my own,” Ruiz said.

By the time Ruiz got to Howard University, his artistry blossomed. He began to DJ more, while curating events such as Afro Soul Sounds, where many artists come together and perform. As a senior marketing major, Ruiz has a community of those who share the same artistic passion as he does.

“So when I got to Howard, I had a lot of people inspire me. Specifically my friend, Precious, she inspires me a lot. She goes by Precious Jewel and like we’re growing together on an artistic journey releasing and creating songs around the same time. And she’s also a part of a group that we formed called Afro Solo Sound,” Ruiz said.

Collaboration is important to Ruiz, because he mentions how vital and prominent it is in the realm of artistry. “So I feel like I’m really inspired by the fact that I know most things are collaborative. And that makes me even happier because I know that when I come up and when my other friends come up, I want to make sure that we’re all eating and seeing that we can do that on different levels is very inspiring.”

Commitment is a consistent theme that seems to play out in Ruiz’s career. This past summer, Ruiz was able to achieve one of his passions, to DJ and event curation. He spent the summer back in his roots in the “Boogie Down” Bronx, New York. In New York, he spent time being the DJ in a lot of safe spaces, these spaces were mostly curated by him.

“What’s really important is just everyone having fun. And I got to see a lot of that in New York and I felt kind of spoiled because like that was every function I was going to. So coming out of quarantine, I kind of forgot how it was to go to those parties where people aren’t dancing or like people have their backs to the wall,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz’s artistry extends into queer spaces as well, being able to DJ at some of their spaces. His artistic aspiration stems from the admiration he has for Black trans women.

“I’m very inspired by black trans women and Latino trans women like Puerto Rican, Dominican trans women, especially in New York,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz never loses sight of those realities and perspectives that keeps him grounded. His admiration of queer DJs (of trans experience) in New York have shaped his work, especially when fostering events where everyone is respected.

“I’m very serious about my goal. And like who I work with. I don’t want to just work with anyone. And like this summer, I was able to meet people who have been involved in certain houses for a minute. Who’ve been voguing for a long time. Who’ve been out there and the peers not working for like tell far working for like all these other things,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz’s friend, June Sol, has been a witness to the trajectory of Ruiz’s career. Sol feels honored to have seen such a growth from a person so dedicated to their growth.

“His work ethic, passion, and commitment to everything he does, inspires me to be the best version of myself everyday,” Sol said.

Sol continues, “He’s really just a star and I’m excited to see him prevail.”

Davon Collins, another friend of Ruiz, can attest to Ruiz’s artistic capability as well, given he was the DJ at a party Collins hosted.

“Yes, Anexis is a life saver, he was the DJ at my girls and gays party and everyone loved him and it was such a freeing space to be around,” Collins said.

Ruiz’s heart, soul and livelihood is shaped by his artistry and he plans on moving things forward. 2022 may be a promising year for his artistic debut. He plans on releasing a project exploring the realms of Afrofuturism, while highlighting Black queerness. Ruiz plans to release this project around early spring of next year.

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