Beyoncé May Have a Court Date


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Beyonce could be heading to court soon over a copyright dispute.

According to TMZ, the 35-year-old star is being sued by the estate of New Orleans rapper Messy Mya for sampling the artist’s work without permission. The reportedly unauthorized clip appears in the chart-topper’s popular 2016 anthem Formation.

The 20 time Grammy winner is being sued by the estate of the Louisiana rapper for sampling from his 2010 YouTube video A 27 Piece Huh?. The artist, whose real name is Anthony Barré, is being represented by friends and family in the suit.

Those representing the rapper, who tragically passed in 2010, claim that the Lemonade artist knowingly copied straight from the viral video without the permission of Mya or his representatives. Barré’s estate is asking a whopping $20 million in back paid royalties and other damages. Those representing Mya’s interests also claim they reached out to the Formation hit maker before taking legal action, but received no response from Beyoncé or her representatives.


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