Biden Faces Uphill Battle for Bipartisanship on Immigration Crisis


FILE - Asylum-seeking migrants line up in a makeshift, mountainous campsite to be processed after crossing the border with Mexico, Friday, Feb. 2, 2024, near Jacumba Hot Springs, Calif. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)
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(AURN News) – Amidst the escalating immigration crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, the White House asserts President Joe Biden’s commitment to bipartisanship in crafting solutions. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, emphasizing Biden’s history of crossing party lines, criticized Republicans for letting politics obstruct collaborative efforts. 

“If you watch this President very closely the last three years — shoot, if you’ve watched him his entire career, he believes in going across the aisle and working in a bipartisan way,” said Jean-Pierre during a recent briefing.

“And what we continue to see is Republicans not doing that. They keep letting politics get in the way. So, the President, as he does many times, when he wants to work on behalf of the American people, he wants to see it d- — see it done in a bipartisan way. And not just him — we’ve learned and we’ve seen that that’s what the American public wants to see as well,” she commented.

During a visit to the border in Brownsville, TX, last week, President Biden expressed a willingness to work directly with former President Trump, signaling a departure from the entrenched partisan positions.

“So, here’s what I would say to Mr. Trump: Instead of playing politics with the issue, instead of telling members of Congress to block this legislation, join me — or I’ll join you — in telling the Congress to pass this Bipartisan Border Security bill. We can do it together,” Mr. Biden said.

The plea for cooperation reflects a broader strategy to break the political deadlock surrounding immigration policy. The administration argues that the American public, too, desires bipartisan solutions. A recent Gallup poll underscores the significance of immigration as the top concern facing the nation, followed by government and the economy.

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