Bill Maher’s Ex Says He Likes the “N-Word”


This June 2, 2017 photo released by HBO shows Bill Maher, host of "Real Time with Bill Maher," in Los Angeles. HBO says academic Michael Eric Dyson will be filling this week’s guest slot after Sen. Al Franken bowed out of “Real Time with Bill Maher” in the wake of Maher’s use of a racial slur last week. Maher was roundly criticized for using the N-word in a joking reference to himself as a house slave. Although he later apologized, Franken called his remark “inappropriate and offensive.” (Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP)
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The former girlfriend of HBO host Bill Maher – who prompted outrage when he used the expression “house n*****” last week – has suggested he used racial slurs while with her, it is claimed.

Coco Johnsen, who dated the 61-year-old for around 18 months, claimed he used the word for ‘shock value’, and did not expect the backlash he has received. She did not explicitly say he had used the word around her, instead telling TMZ that people using the word should use ‘other vocabulary’. When their relationship ended in 2004, Johnsen filed a lawsuit alleging that he broke promises to marry her, shook her at a party and used ‘degrading’ racial language. The case was thrown out by a Superior Court judge in 2005.

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