Chicago Tops Orkin’s Bed Bug List for Fourth Year; New York, Philadelphia Among Most Affected Cities


File - In this March 30, 2011, file photo, a bed bug is displayed at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)
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(AURN News) – Where is your city on the bed bug list? A new ranking released by pest control company Orkin has some big surprises. With an increase in bed bug issues across the country and around the world, the latest report sheds light on the cities facing the most challenges.

According to Orkin’s recent findings, Chicago has claimed the undesirable distinction of being at the top of their bed bug list for the fourth consecutive year. Following closely behind, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Los Angeles round out the top five cities with the highest bed bug issues.

Orkin’s list of 50 cities includes some newcomers, including Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Oklahoma City. Orkin compiled the rankings based on the areas where they conducted the highest number of treatments from December 2022 through November 2023.

The increase in bed bug problems is attributed, in part, to the rise in post-pandemic travel. As more people resume travel, the chances of picking up these unwanted hitchhikers also increase.

Orkin emphasizes the importance of regular home inspections for bed bugs, particularly in common hiding spots such as mattresses, outlets, and behind baseboards. The company recommends inspecting your home after service visits, returning from a trip, or hosting overnight guests.

When on the go, Orkin provides tips for staying vigilant in hotels like storing your luggage in the bathroom or on a counter to minimize the risk of bringing bed bugs home.

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