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The Coronavirus has presented us with a global pandemic unlike anything we’ve ever handled. Fortunately, the situation has many of us coming together to help those in need. The following is a list of both local and national resources you can reach out to for support. If you’re able to work from home and are looking for a way to help while maintaining self-quarantine, many of these organizations could use your donations.


General Coronavirus Information and Resources:

  • Chicago Rental Assistance Program – Offers help for those currently struggling to pay rent.

Website: Chicago Rental Assistance

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  • List of Community Service Centers – This list highlights all the Chicago community centers and their various services.

Website: List

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  • Comcast – Information on their response to the coronavirus which includes opening their wifi network for all to use for free.

Website: Comcast

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Food Assistance:

  • FoodFinder – An easy-to-use digital map that highlights the locations of food banks, pantries, kitchens, and shelters all across the nation. This is an incredible resource for those struggling during the pandemic who simply don’t know where to go. They also have an app, and you can donate to help them keep it running smoothly.

Website: FoodFinder

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  • Greater Chicago Food Depository – This organization works to get food to those in need in the Chicago area.

Website: Greater Chicago Food Depository

How to Help: You can help by working with them to advocate for expanding food access to everyone. You can also donate money on their site or participate through their online food drive.

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  • Meals on Wheels Chicago – Prepares and delivers meals to seniors and disabled persons in need.

Website: Meals on Wheels Chicago

How to Help: Donate through the form on their site.

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  • Food Access Points Directory – The following is a directory that includes all the Chicago Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens, and Food Banks.

Website: Chicago Directory

  • Food Access for Seniors – The Chicago City website has a list of food retailers that have special hours for seniors.

Link: Senior Food Access List (Scroll down to the bottom of the Food section.)

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Important Note: Those who work with the elderly are urging the young and healthy to reach out (via phone call to maintain social distancing) to our eldely friends, neighbors, and family members to make sure they are aware of the many resources available to help them so they can stay safe. They might just need our help getting their groceries or maybe just a simple phone call to brighten their day.

Mental Health & Wellbeing:

  • Crisis Text Line – This text line connects you to a crisis counselor to help you with anxiety, panic attacks, and whatever else you may be facing at this time. The line is run by volunteers, so they can provide support, but not medical advice. If more assistance is needed, you will be referred to the appropriate party.

Website: Crisis Text Line

Text Number: text HOME to 741-741 (US number)

How to Help: Donate, purchase on Amazon Smile, or become a volunteer crisis counselor after taking the necessary training program.

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  • Harvard Health Publishing – This is an article about how to talk to your teens about the coronavirus.

Link: Article Link

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  • National Association of School Psychologists – The NASP has released an article about how to talk to children about the coronavirus. You can also find links to other helpful resources on their site.

Article: Article Link

Website: NASP

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  • Domestic Violence Hotline Number – This number will connect you to the Illinois domestic violence hotline where you can find help for whatever situation you might be in. It is open 24/7, and you can call or text.

Phone: 877-863-6338

Homeless & Displaced:

  • Chicago Shelter Directory – The following directory lists all the homeless shelters in Chicago.

Website: Chicago Directory

Pets & Animals:

  • PAWS Chicago – A no-kill animal shelter that shelters and rehabilitates animals until they are adopted.

Website: PAWS Chicago

How to Help: Support by donating through their website.

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  • Famous Fido Rescue – A no-kill shelter dedicated to helping animals get off the street and get adopted.

Website: Famous Fido Rescue

How to Help: Donate on their website or purchase something from their Amazon Wishlist.

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Small Business Owners:

  • US Small Business Administration – The SBA is offering disaster loans to help small business owners who have been affected by the outbreak and quarantines.

Website: US Small Business Administration

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  • Financial Resources List – This is a list of financial resources for small business owners in Chicago.

Website: Resources List

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  • Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund Application – This is a fund set up by Chicago to help small businesses in this time of crisis.

Website: Survey

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