Dr. Tony Evans’ Amazing Legacy


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Pastor Tony Evans at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas was recently honored by the Museum of the Bible. He was the first African American to complete a doctor of theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary and the first African American to solely author a study Bible.

AURN News spoke with Dr. Evans about his amazing legacy and how he has impacted so many lives in the Black community for more than 50 years:

“The Black church historically was the center of life for the Black world, which is very biblical. The temple in Israel was the center of life. Not just religious life, it was the center of all of life. So we shouldn’t be surprised that out of the Black church came our doctors, our lawyers, our teachers, our entertainment, our politicians, and on and on and on and on. Because it was the center of life, because it had to be. The more secular we have become as a people, the less value the church has had to us, much to our detriment.”

Click play to listen to the AURN News report from Jamie Jackson:

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