Father and Daughter Girl Scout Cookie Parody Goes Viral


Source: Seymore Harrison Jr Facebook
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In “Girl Scout Cookies,” Seymore Harrison Jr., rocking a “Citizen of Wakanda” t-shirt, and a doe-eyed Charity Joy tag-team what might be the cutest baked goods sales pitch of all time. The video, which was posted on February 18, already has over 4.2 million views.

“Thin Mints, you wanna order some before it’s too late. We also got Trefoils and they taste great. Tagalongs will make you feel fine,” Charity sings over the Redbone instrumental.

“Samoas are coconut cookies with caramel. You wanna get them now because they’re gonna sell. I promise it is worth your time,” the two join in together. “If you want ‘em, you can have ‘em. If you need ‘em, you can buy ‘em, oh! If you want ‘em, you can buy ‘em. Now stay woke, buy these cookies. Girl Scout selling delicious cookies. Now stay woke, buy these cookies. Don’t you wait too late.”

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