Federal Lawsuit & Outrage Over Viral Video Showing Georgia Jail Assault


Screenshot from a video showing Tremar Harris being choked by an officer in Appling County Jail.
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A lawsuit has been filed after a video surfaced showing jail guards at the Appling County Jail in Georgia watching as one of their own choked Tremar Harris, a 37-year-old Black man, while he was restrained. 

The incident, which occurred in January 2022, involved guard William Rentz using a chain to choke Harris. According to the suit, Rentz can be heard yelling, “Gonna put you back in the cotton field with the other boys,” while Harris was immobilized in a chair.

The suit, championed by civil rights attorney Harry Daniels, targets the officers present who failed to intervene during this brutal act. The footage revealed not only the violent assault but also the guards’ refusal to stop or report the incident, prompting calls for a Department of Justice investigation.

The inaction of the guards, identified as Daydan Brannon, Cannon Mcleod, and Ansley Fennell, raises severe questions about the culture within the facility, particularly towards Black inmates.

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