Former News Anchor Lily Wu’s Mayoral Bid Culminates in Wichita


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Wichita, Kansas (AURN News) – The day of decision has arrived in Wichita as former television news anchor Lily Wu’s mayoral campaign reaches its climax. A well-known and popular figure who once graced the screens of KAKE-TV and KWCH-TV, Wu’s journey from prominent news anchor to mayoral candidate has been marked by her steadfast dedication to community service.

“I feel really indebted to this entire city. My family is really small. It’s just my mom, my dad and my younger brother. And so I believe that I also have ‘chosen family’ here in Wichita. And that really is all the individuals in Wichita who invested in a young girl to become one day a leader, a listener, and a learner for Wichita,” Wu told AURN News.

Wu’s decision to run for mayor is driven by her profound sense of gratitude for Wichita and a strong belief that each individual has a role to play in shaping the city’s future. She says that she aims to be a public servant who can give back to the community that supported her growth and development.

“And so for me, my big ‘why’ is simply a sense of gratitude that I have for Wichita, and a big sense that each individual has an opportunity to do their part in being part of the solution and helping the city that we live in. So I chose to give up my career, so that I could be a public servant for Wichita,” she added.

When it comes to the issues plaguing the city, Wu stressed the importance of restoring the relationship between the mayor’s office and the police department, as well as fostering youth crime prevention programs and community mentorship to improve public safety.

“I really believe that as a reporter for the past 12 years, a local journalist, my job has been to be a professional listener, and a storyteller for our community,” Wu commented.

As she seeks to become the mayor of Wichita, Wu says her campaign is grounded in her deep appreciation for her hometown, a commitment to addressing critical issues, and a vision of a united and prosperous future for all of Wichita’s residents.

“We need to have a mayor that can bring people together, be a consensus builder, and help all Wichitans rise, because I believe building a united community in Wichita will help every person who lives in our community have better opportunities and a safer community where they can live, work and raise a family,” she stated.

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