Historic Reversal on Border Wall: Biden Taps Trump-Era Funds


FILE - People line up against a border wall as they wait to apply for asylum after crossing the border from Mexico. Tuesday, July 11, 2023, near Yuma, Ariz. As the number of migrants coming to the U.S.'s southern border is climbing, the Biden administration aims to admit more refugees from Latin America and the Caribbean over the next year. The White House Friday, Sept. 29, released the targets for how many refugees it aims to admit over the next fiscal year starting October 1 and from what regions of the world. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)
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President Joe Biden confirmed his administration’s decision to proceed with about 20 miles of new U.S.-Mexico border wall construction. The president clarified that the funds for the project were already earmarked during the Trump era, and Congress had mandated their use for this purpose.

While acknowledging the decision, Biden admitted he doesn’t believe the walls are an effective solution for curbing illegal immigration. However, the news comes amid rising pressure on Biden to manage the escalating migrant influx and requests from various U.S. cities for federal aid in handling growing migrant populations.

The decision has been met with swift criticism from immigrant advocates, including Mexican President López Obrador, who viewed it as a setback and an inconsistent stance from a president who once halted the use of emergency funds for the wall.

The Department of Homeland Security, however, reaffirmed that its core position remains unchanged: a border wall isn’t the definitive solution.

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