Hollywood Live: Jonathan Majors May Not Be Guilty


Jonathan Majors leaves court after a hearing on his domestic violence case, Tuesday, June 20, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)
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In a surprising turn of events, the NYPD may now arrest Jonathan Majors’ accuser, according to multiple reports. Majors’ career was recently sidelined and unraveled because of the domestic violence allegations from his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, who claims Majors attacked her.

Majors was arrested back in March. But his lawyer has been saying all along that he was actually the victim. Well, it appears that someone now within the police department agrees. Majors has filed a cross-complaint accusing Jabbari of slapping and scratching him when she was drunk and hysterical.

The New York Times cited three sources who said that the NYPD believes there is enough evidence to support Jabbari’s arrest. But they have not said anything else other than that.

By the way, the news comes as Jonathan’s Marvel co-star, Anthony Mackie, offered him some public words of encouragement, saying basically, here in America, nobody is guilty until proven so — which is true.

Well, this one is really playing out, so we’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

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