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Tunika Ltd. UK, The Queen of Cotton at Paris Fashion Week:

Having owned a cotton farm in Mississippi for over 100 years, Pam’s family are closely tied to the beautiful plant of cotton. Her grandparents, Emma and Rodney Williams, grew some of the finest cotton and were commemorated in the Mississippi Cotton Museum.

Over 100 Years of Family History!

Pamela Maugile, Business Owner & Fashion Designer

Pam is the daughter of one of the first Afro-American designers. With a flagship store in Cape Cod, her mother ran a successful business using cotton from the family farm, and even dressed celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy. Pam grew up in the family business and developed a deep appreciation and love for cotton and timeless fashion.

Incorporating cotton from the family farm in her pieces, Pam stays close to her heritage to create natural, high-quality and elegant pieces.

Love and knowledge of cotton, combined with a heritage of fashion design is what led to Tunika being born.

Tunika Ltd. at Paris Fashion Week Oct 7, 2023
Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart, AURN ONLINE

Prior to moving to London, Pam ran a successful fashion business in the US. Between the move to the UK and raising her kids, Pam had to stop the business and her love of fashion took a back seat. A few months before the COVID-19 lockdown, Pam began sketching designs, re-igniting her love for fashion. This progressed through lockdown and led to the start of Tunika. Pam is driven to continue what her mother started. Her mother grew up in the town of Tunica, Mississippi. This is where the name Tunika comes from..

Through Tunika, she continues her family’s legacy.

Vogue calls our founder Pam ‘The Queen of Cotton’, and she really is. Pam’s family ties in cotton production has made her an expert in this field. Following in the creative and talented footsteps of her mother, Pam is on a mission to bring perfectly fitted and beautifully designed natural cotton clothing to the fashion market.

2023 Living Legends Foundation Gala Awards Dinner: 10/7/23

AURN ONLINE, Hollywood Live Xtra!, Living Legends Gala October 7, 2023

Founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1992, the Living Legends Foundation, LLC, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization and has been funded primarily with corporate contributions and individual donations.

The 32-year-old organization has expanded its mission to assist those who have served the music industry and who have a confirmable need. This assistance is provided in a manner that maintains the dignity of those who may receive financial help.

Many former music industry employees worked during a time when 401Ks and retirement packages were not available – and even today, in this era of downsizing and mergers, the uncertainty of career stability within the industry has grown.

The past 32 years, the foundation has also recognized and honored more than one hundred distinguished leaders in music, radio, retail, and media at the Living Legends Foundation Gala Awards Dinner each year. Proceeds from the event will enable the LLF to continue to aid those in need.

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