Jamie Jackson – Americans Want to Cut Federal Spending, But Not on Popular Programs


Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference at the Federal Reserve, Wednesday, March 22, 2023, in Washington. The sudden crisis in the U.S. banking industry is sure to cause some tightening of lending and credit and a slowdown in the pace of borrowing and spending. If it does, the crisis could actually end up aiding the Federal Reserve in the elusive goal the Fed has been pursuing for a full year: A much lower inflation rate. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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Americans Want to Cut Federal Spending, But Not on Popular Programs

A majority of U.S. adults are asking lawmakers to cut the overall size of government while also increasing funding for popular programs according to a new poll from the Associated Press.

Six in 10 Americans say the government spends too much money, but they also favor more funding for infrastructure, health care, and Social Security.

The poll was conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and illustrates the political and financial complexity of the federal budget standoff between President Joe Biden and House Republicans. If they are not able to come to an agreement, there is a possibility that the country would default on obligations if there is no deal this summer to raise or suspend the limit on borrowing authority. —

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