Jamie Jackson – Task Force Considers Reparations Costing $800 Billion for Black Californians


FILE - A crowd listens to speakers at a reparations rally outside of City Hall in San Francisco on March 14, 2023. Economists for a California reparations task force estimate the state owes Black residents at least $800 billion for harms in policing, housing and health. The preliminary estimate will be discussed at the Wednesday, March 29, 2023, meeting of the state reparations task force. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)
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Task Force Considers Reparations Costing $800 Billion for Black Californians

Economists have informed a California panel considering reparations that it could cost over $800 billion to compensate Black residents for generations of over-policing, disproportionate incarceration, and housing discrimination.

According to the A-P, the preliminary estimate is more than 2.5 times California’s annual budget of $300 billion, and it does not include compensation for property unjustly taken by the government, devaluing Black businesses, or health disparities that have shortened the life spans of older Black residents. However, it is uncertain whether Black residents will receive cash payments because the state may not adopt the economists’ calculations.

The reparations task force is scheduled to discuss the figures this week and can vote to adopt the suggestions or develop its own.

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