KKK Caravans Through N.C. Town In Celebration of Trump


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KKK caravans through Roxboro, NC, Saturday 11/3/16 (Twitter)

Police in the small town of Roxboro, North Carolina plan to meet today to talk about a KKK event over the weekend, during which police blocked traffic to allow for a caravan of vehicles displaying Confederate flags and white nationalist symbols.   As  the cars and trucks passed by, participants yelled “white power” from their vehicles.


Meantime, ABC11.com reports Roxboro Police Chief David Hess said that “officers blocked the intersections to ensure the public’s safety, and that they could not legally prevent it.”

The department plans will hold a meeting today to talk about the event and the “raw emotions” invoked by the it.

Meantime, during a rally in protest of the caravan, one demonstrator said:

“This ain’t now 1916 no more, this is 2016 and that don’t scare us no more.”


Source: AURN/ABC11.com

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