Mayor Eric Adams Responds to Migrants being bussed into NYC


Mayor Eric Adams speaks during “Celebrate Love: A (Re)Wedding" where hundreds of couples whose weddings were cancelled or diminished during the COVID-19 pandemic participated in a symbolic multicultural ceremony at Damrosch Park, Sunday, July 10, 2022, in New York. (AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson)
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Last week, AURN News told you that Texas and Arizona were busing migrants from Mexico and Latin America to Washington DC. The city’s homeless shelters were being overrun, and since April 4,000 people who entered the country at the border were taken to the nation’s capital.

Now New York Mayor Eric Adams is responding as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues sending migrants to New York City:

“The misleading information that was coming out of Texas — people thought when they got off the buses, they were going to be arrested or apprehended. And I think that the Governor Abbott what he’s doing is just so inhumane. And we were happy to have a mayor who greeted the asylum seekers instead of putting them, placing them on a bus with a 44-hour ride, very few breaks.”

Click play to listen to the AURN News report from Jamie Jackson:

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