More Monday, Please: Malz Monday is the NextUp to Shine


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A nobody yesterday can make a catchy song today that would make them a rap star tomorrow—only to fizzle out next week. These days, the process of artist development is almost nonexistent. The success of Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and J. Cole can all be attributed to their past work of freestyles, mixtapes, and guest features. A new upstart rapper/MC named Malz Monday is on the same path toward greatness.


A native of two lands, Malz Monday grew up with his mother in Westchester, New York, and his father, who lived in Georgia. “My mom is in New York, and my dad is in Decatur. / But they done both came from a place in Jamaica,” Malz raps on “Underrated/Tired.” Although Malz rapped at a young age, the release of freestyles every Monday on social media is what started to gain him an online audience.


In the song “Baby Boy,” he raps as a narrator, giving instructions to any young Black male adolescent who is tempted by street life. In 2019, Malz later took that momentum to debut Fledge, an EP release of seven tracks of wordplay and rhymes over dark, baseline-produced beats.

Malz Monday’s first featured album, Thank God It’s Monday, came in 2020. His lyricism had grown as he showcased the ability to carry a complete album of more than just witty freestyles. Malz’s rhymes became more introspective with songs like “Popcorn Ceilings”, “Deserve It”, and the track “Black Oil Seed” where he raps, “I’m just a diamond in the rough that ain’t been polished.”

The artist journey continued for Malz Monday with noteworthy follow-ups. In the album For the Superheroes Don’t Exist, the art of storytelling is unique on tracks like “Father Time,” where he raps “Grandma had a stroke, they told her she won’t ever walk again. / If it wasn’t for her, coulda end up in a orphanage.” Then, Malz’s bravado as an MC sparks on his Look Both Ways album, where he states his talent level is the same as “B.I.G., Pac, Hov, Nas, and Eminem.”


The path of Malz Monday is one of growth in lyricism, song-making, and popularity. While his mixtape Monday Mix Vol. 1 fed his growing fanbase in between albums, in 2021 the iconic game franchise NBA 2K featured Malz Monday’s song “How It Is” for its soundtrack. Malz Monday has the elite potential to be a significant figure in hip hop thanks to his substance and quality wordplay. Malz’s evolution from the underground, punchline rapper to a reflective wordsmith makes him a notable artist with a story to tell.

Click HERE for Malz Monday NextUp To Shine playlist.

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