NABOB Launches Black Consumer ‘Use Your Power’ Campaign


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With $1.2 trillion in annual spending power, African-American consumers are a crucial population segment for marketers. Now the National Association Of Black Owned Broadcasters is launching an advocacy campaign to educate audiences about the ethnic group’s buying power and to encourage them to use that power wisely.

Directed at listeners of its member stations and others that target Black listeners, phase one of the “Use Your Power” campaign will encourage audiences to patronize establishments that support its stations. The organization is urging outlets to use their airwaves and digital assets to broadcast a series of PSAs that talk about African American buying power, which include the slogan “Don’t give away you power, use it.” The PSAs highlight the purchasing power of African Americans in a variety of categories, from food, clothing and phone services to cars and trucks.

Click ▶️ to hear NABOB PSAs:

The campaign follows a recent report by Nielsen that shows Blacks account for 14% of the overall population yet punch way above their weight, representing more than half of total spending in key product categories. “Black consumers and consumers of color alike are making considerable contributions to the overall market—in some cases representing more than 50% of the overall spending in key product categories,” Nielsen says in the report, entitled “Black Dollars Matter: The Sales Impact Of Black Consumers.”

Phase two of the NABOB campaign will urge listeners to get out and vote in the 2018 midterm elections. NABOB says it hopes to play off the momentum of the March 24 “March to Save Our Lives,” last year’s “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations and the “Women’s March,” along with the approaching 50h anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on April 4. “As business owners, we recognize that educating our consumers is as important as educating our electorate,” says NABOB president Jim Winston. “It is important that our audiences understand there is a direct link between economic strength within our communities and political strength. The ‘Use Your Power’ campaign will educate our audiences about that link.”

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