Ness On Air

Most notable for her honest Girl Code advice, Nessa has a decade of working in radio under her belt. She’s currently the radio host on New York’s legendary HOT 97, on the prime time 3-7PM slot Monday thru Friday and has had the #1 daypart for 18-34 year olds for the past month. She also has a nationally syndicated radio show ‘Nessa On Air’ heard in 13+ markets including Portland, Hartford and Richmond, etc.

Nessa has parlayed her radio success into a TV career as a full time member of the MTV family. Using her always spontaneous quick wit and pop culture knowledge you can catch her hosting on a number of shows on MTV from Teen Mom, The Real World, Road Rules Challenge After Shows. She also has co-hosted The Woodie Awards at the Austin SXSW Music Conference as well as red carpet interviews at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Nessa is one of the nation’s preeminent pop culture hosts, with a strong following on national TV, radio, and digital platforms. She’s known for her in your face and fun interviews from the likes of Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and more! Nessa is proud to be an influential female voice in what traditionally has been a male dominated media market.

Nessa is known for her involvement educating and inspiring young women to become leaders in their community. She is a huge advocate for women’s health and is currently involved in a campaign to remove the stigma when it comes to women taking control of their reproductive health.

Annually, Nessa hosts a “prom pamper party” for inner-city underprivileged high-school girls filled with beauty treatments and inner-beauty discussions focused on women-empowerment using her own experience for the girls to take away from.

Nessa is a mentor in several organizations in New York to help underprivileged youth, a charter school in East Harlem and a local Girls Club chapter, she utilizes her platform at HOT 97 and MTV by giving valuable life lessons and providing opportunities for young girls and boys to be involved within media.

As a mentor to both organizations, they gain access to her resources and have hands-on experience on how to maneuver and enhance the art of writing, public speaking and utilizing the power of their voice for their generation.