New Book Empowers Black Children in the AI Revolution


"AI... Meets... AI" by Amber Ivery
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“AI… Meets… AI” is a new children’s book available on Amazon that unleashes the magic of friendship, learning, and representation, with a particular focus on young Black children. Authored by Baltimore resident Amber Ivey, the tale takes readers on an extraordinary journey through the city of Baltimore, following the adventures of a young Black girl named Addy and a learning AI named Jaz. 

Ivey tells AURN News that she believes in the power of representation, especially featuring a Black protagonist: 

“I think kids have to see themselves in other fields, such as science, tech, and especially when we look into tech, AI, in particular, because it’s gonna change their lives. They’re already consumers of it all the time. Like I hear kids all the time, say ‘Alexa’ or ‘Okay, Google,’ can you do this, so they’re already using these technologies. But I want them to be able to see especially what I do in the book is how they can be a part of building these models, training these models, holding these models accountable.”

Ivey’s personal experiences working with youth in Baltimore inspired her to create a book that showcases diverse characters, allowing young Black children to see themselves in stories that highlight their potential and dreams. She recognizes the need for young Black children to have access to educational resources that explore fields beyond traditional media portrayals. 

“I want folks to understand that we have to make sure no matter what our kids understand the impact of these tools and how they are literally going to forever change our lives. They just are. And I think that adults have to get over their fears, particularly in our community, their fears about new things and new tech, because [fear] can hold kids back,” she said.

Ivey weaves together relatable experiences and futuristic concepts, providing valuable life lessons along the way. As Jaz, the learning AI, discovers human emotions, children are introduced to important life lessons involving empathy and friendship. “AI… Meets… AI” invites young Black children to imagine a future where they play an active role in shaping technological advancements.

Even the inclusion of binary codes as page numbers and real pictures of robotics and engineering labs at renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins University reflect Ivey’s dedication to providing a rich and authentic reading experience. By immersing young readers in a world that reflects their own aspirations and possibilities, the book encourages them to explore their potential and pursue their dreams.

Click play to listen to the AURN News report from Jamie Jackson:

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