On this day in 1947, Sylvester James was born


Singer Sylvester James was born on September 6, 1947.
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Singer Sylvester James was born on September 6, 1947. Sylvester was a singer, songwriter, and performer known for his contributions to the disco and dance music genres.

Rising to prominence in the disco era of the 1970s and 1980s, Sylvester crafted a unique and unforgettable sound that resonated with audiences worldwide. His chart-topping hit, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real),” remains a timeless anthem of self-expression and liberation.

Tragically, Sylvester’s life was cut short when he passed away at the age of 41 in 1988, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of music and an enduring influence on the LGBTQ+ community.

On what would have been his 76th birthday, we celebrate Sylvester’s enduring impact on the world of music and beyond.

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