On this day in 1990, Namibia declared independence from South Africa


A woman dances as Namibian independence celebrations start leading up to a flag raising ceremony at midnight in Windhoek, Namibia, March 20,1990. Sam Nujomo will be sworn in as President after the ceremony. (AP Photo/John Parkin)
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On March 21, 1990, Namibia declared independence from South Africa. South Africa, under white rule, had claimed control of the territory now called Namibia in 1920, following its occupation of the land during World War I, starting in 1915.

Prior to South Africa’s arrival, Namibia was known as the German colony of South-West Africa. South Africa’s reluctance to relinquish Namibia was driven by its concern over the proliferation of all-Black post-colonial governments in Africa, fearing that their rise would challenge its apartheid regime.

Ultimately, South Africa finally agreed to give up Namibia in 1988. Thirty-four years ago today, Namibia achieved independence.

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