Study: Gun Violence Disproportionately Affects Black Americans


Students from Philadelphia hold photos of gun violence victims at a rally at the Pennsylvania Capitol pressing for stronger gun-control laws, Thursday, March 23, 2023, in Harrisburg, Pa. (AP Photo/Marc Levy)
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A recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals that gun violence disproportionately affects Black Americans. According to the research, 34% of Black adults have had a family member killed by a firearm, while the figure stands at 17% for white adults.

The study also found that 32% of Black adults worry daily or almost every day about themselves or a loved one falling victim to gun violence, compared to only 10% of white adults expressing the same concern.

Hispanic adults reported experiences with gun violence similar to those of Black Americans, albeit with slightly lower percentages. The research also discovered that 17% of Black respondents felt “not safe at all” in their living environment, as opposed to 9% of Hispanics and a mere 2% of whites.

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