Till Opens in Theaters Friday


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I attended a screening for Till last night. You know, it’s a story most of us know about. I actually remember seeing the Jet Magazine cover that every Black household used to keep undercover of Emmett Till’s mutilated corpse in that casket.

The movie Till is the untold story of Emmett’s mother, Mamie — it is one of resilience and courage in the face of adversity and unspeakable devastation. Danielle Deadwyler is also unbelievable as Mamie. She carries this film with dignity, grace, and power.

Till, our film, is exploring what happened in preparation for Emmett to travel to the south to enjoy a vacation with his family, with his cousins. And after the death and lynching of him, we are witness to the bravery and the courage that Mamie Till-Bradley navigates in order to find justice for her son, to find some semblance of justice for herself. And therein justice for the Black community that is experiencing this on an amplified basis. It didn’t just happen to her family, it was happening in a proliferated fashion. And this is a moment that gets amplified because of the nature of the time,” Deadwyler said.

The movie Till opens in theaters Friday, Oct. 14, and you’re going to hear a lot more from cast members right here on Hollywood Live. And, whatever you do, check us out on YouTube. And also don’t forget to follow me on social media at @tanyahollywood and @aurnonline.

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