Top 10 Gaming-Related Holiday Gifts


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  1. PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X|S

Next generation consoles officially released in November 2020. Due to the high demand for next gen consoles, it was either a very high price point and/or very limited availability. Being that 3 years have passed since the official release; both the price point and availability have become more suitable for the consumer. Either way, this would be a great holiday gift. Especially if you still have a current gen system.

Where to purchase: PlayStation 5 | Xbox Series X|S

  1. Gaming Chair

In order to ‘game’ the correct way, you need to be comfortable. A gaming chair is the perfect gift to do just that. Gaming chairs allow you to be comfortable in style for longer periods of time while enjoying playing your favorite game. It relieves your back from being hunched over creating discomfort. You’re able to recline back, have mobility due to the wheels, and overall have a better gaming experience. 

Where to purchase: GTRacing

  1. PlayStation/Xbox Gift Card

Sometimes people tend to overthink when it comes to holiday shopping. That’s what gaming gift cards are for, to help the overthinkers. Whether you play on PlayStation or Xbox, every gamer appreciates a gaming card. There are numerous items that can be purchased with a gift card. You can buy games, movies/ TV shows, different cosmetics (based on the title of the game), and much more! Not only are these essential to a gamer, but they are also helpful to the consumer as well because these can be purchased online which relieves the wait in lines during holiday shopping which we all know can get hectic.

Where to purchase: PlayStation | Xbox

  1. Rechargeable Battery Pack

This only applies to Xbox gamers. Going back to the Xbox 360 era, there were always talks about which system is better. PlayStation or Xbox? One of the MAIN cons to Xbox was that it takes batteries. It seemed almost like every other day you would have to find a fresh pair of Double A batteries to replace with the previous batteries which became annoying. To shy away from that problem, rechargeable battery packs made it so much easier and more convenient to game. You charge the battery pack through the Xbox, and just plug it in and play. Whenever you get an alert about low battery level, you just plug in the controller (with the battery pack) and let it charge. The beauty of this is that you can charge while you play, or just let it rest and charge. Pretty simple, and there is no longer a process of having to find and or buy batteries just to enjoy your game.

Where to purchase: Target

  1. PlayStation/Xbox Controller

Every true gamer knows the best feeling is opening a brand-new system. The very next best feeling is having a brand-new controller. From the way it feels, down to the way you play with it; a brand-new controller is almost a necessity for a gamer. Like with anything, controllers go through wear and tear. Certain buttons may not register as quickly as they did before, joysticks start to drift, and other issues may start to get noticed. A brand-new controller eliminates all those problems. It is also suggested to switch gaming controllers every 6 months to a year.

Where to purchase: PlayStation | Xbox

  1. NBA 2K24

If you’re into sports, this is a must grab. This year’s 2K is way more realistic than all the previous 2K’s in my opinion. Also, this is the first year ever that 2K sports made NBA 2K24 cross compatible. So, whether you are on PlayStation or Xbox, you can play with and against the opposite platform (this only applies to next generation platforms). This game has been out for about 2 months now, so it is still somewhat new. Not to mention, there are updates almost every day to enhance the gameplay of NBA 2K24. Whether you are into regular head-to-head, MyPlayer, MyGM, or just want to own the game to have fun, this is the game for you!

Where to purchase: PlayStation | Xbox

  1. Madden 24

Just like I said about NBA 2K24, if you’re into sports this is a must grab as well. Madden 24 has been out for about 3 months now. This year’s Madden 24 is also very realistic in terms of the tackling, movement with the ball, passing, and much more. Just like NBA 2K24, this is Madden’s first year making this game cross compatible (this only applies to next generation platforms). So, if you and your friend want to see who’s better, you guys can do that this year. I like Madden because it’s somewhat a strategic game and forces you to outthink your opponent. If you enjoy watching football, I recommend Madden 24 for the holidays.

Where to purchase: PlayStation | Xbox

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Need I say more? Every gamer started out playing some type of Call of Duty title. For me, I started with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which is why as I’m currently writing this, I’m getting butterflies. This year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is going to be very nostalgic. This game is also going to be cross compatible (this does NOT only apply to next generation platforms). They are bringing back some of the older maps for multiplayer such as: Rust, Terminal, Highrise, and much more! If you’re not a multiplayer type of gamer, no worries! The campaign mode on this game will be super fun as well. Also, for the first time in years they are bringing back ‘Zombies’ mode. This game officially releases November 10th, 2023. I will have this pre-ordered, and the release time couldn’t have been better. Just in time for the holidays. This game will hold me off for the rest of 2023 and after!

Where to purchase: PlayStation | Xbox

  1. Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

How can you fully enjoy the gaming experience without a headset? Turtle Beach headsets are by far the best headsets both financially and comfort wise. These headsets can range from $15.00 all the way up to $300.00. Don’t worry though, even the headsets on the lower scale are more than suitable for a gamer. They are comfortable on the ears; you can hear everything in the game and block out the outside noise that isn’t in the game. I recommend these headsets 100%.

Where to purchase: PlayStation | Xbox

  1. 4K TV

Being that both the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 are next generation consoles, to get the full experience it is recommended that you play on a 4K TV. You don’t have to have a 4K TV to play either system. However, if you do take your gaming seriously like me, I would suggest investing into one. You can see almost every detail. We are in a time now where TV’s are relatively on the cheaper side (they were once way more) and you can get a good size 4K TV for less than $200.00. As I’m writing this, we are in holiday season so you may even be able to get it cheaper than that. 

Where to purchase: Best Buy

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