Trump Courts Black Voters


Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign event at 180 Church, Saturday, June 15, 2024, in Detroit, as Itasha Dotson and Carlos Chambers listen. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)
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(AURN News) – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continued his outreach to Black American voters last weekend, holding a roundtable discussion at a Black church in Detroit where he touted his record and took aim at President Joe Biden. Speaking at the 180 Church last weekend, Mr. Trump referenced accomplishments from his term that he claims had a positive impact on the Black community. He also name-dropped Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, whose name has been floated as a potential running mate. However, Trump spent much of his remarks attacking President Biden.

“Biden wrote the devastating 1994 Crime Bill talking about ‘super predators,'” Trump said. “That was Biden. You know, he walks around now talking about the Black vote. He’s the king of the ‘super predators.’ And he wrote the 1994 crime bill that you talk about so much.”

Trump also urged attendees not to support Democrats, saying: “So just please remember that when you think you’re going to vote Democrat because you shouldn’t vote Democrat.”

The former president also claimed Biden’s economic policies have harmed Black families and alleged illegal immigrants are taking jobs from Black workers. “Biden’s inflation has caused the typical American family $28,000,” he said.

“Millions of illegal aliens are pouring in and they’re taking your jobs. The black community is being hurt more by the illegal aliens…They’re taking your jobs you were…down 6%, 7% from where you were just three years ago with me.”  

The roundtable event comes less than a month after he spent time in the Bronx at a campaign rally reaching out to Black and Hispanic voters.

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