Trump Son-in-Law to be Senior White House Advisor


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President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who emerged as a key figure in the Republican’s successful 2016 campaign, will be named senior adviser to the president, the campaign announced Monday.

Kushner was an influential behind the scenes confidant to his father-in-law during last year’s election and has continued to be a leading voice in Trump’s transition to the White House.

But a number of legal questions potentially complicate the billionaire real estate developer’s role in the incoming administration. Kushner will resign from his company, divest “substantial assets,” and recuse himself from matters that would impact his financial interests, Gorelick said. His remaining assets will be purchased by a trust.

But he may also be challenged on a federal anti-nepotism law aimed at preventing officials from appointing relatives to government positions. The law prohibits elected officials from appointing relatives to Cabinet positions, but may not apply to a job as White House adviser. However that is not completely certain.

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