Women Arrested After Reporting That A Man Choked Her 7-Year Old Son


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(Facebook live screenshots)

A Fort Worth, Texas mother was brutally arrested after calling police to report that her neighbor had allegedly choked her 7-year old son for throwing paper on the ground and not picking it up.  Jaqueline Craig’s daughter, Rhea Hymond was also arrested after trying to intervene to calm her mother down.

Facebook live video shows the as yet, unidentified police officer calmly talking with the alleged attacker, then walks over the complainant, identified as Jacqueline Craig, and asks, “What’s going on with you?

Craig proceeds to tell the officer that her son and daughter told her the man had asked the boy to pick up the paper, and when he didn’t he was grabbed and choked.   The officer proceeds to ask the woman she didn’t teach her son not to litter.  Craig said, “It doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t, he doesn’t have the right to put his hands on him. At that point the officer asks, “Why not?”   

The incident escalates from there after Craig’s daughter to calm her mother down by standing between her and the cop. Both were violently thrown to the ground while the officer points his taser, all while the man who reportedly choked the little boy stood by and watched.


Meantime, according to The Root, the woman shooting the video was also detained and her phone was confiscated.

The activist group ‘Next Generation Action Network’ has called for a protest this evening outside the Tarrant County Courthouse.

Other reaction to the incident on Twitter #JaquelineCraig:




Forth Worth Police Chief is expected to make a statement about the incident later today.




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