10 Black-Owned Business to Shop for Christmas


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The deadline for getting your gifts in time for Christmas is right now! But don’t fret, because gift giving is also about the intentions. You want the people you love to know that you think about them and want them to have good quality and  luxurious things, no matter when they get their presents. 

Shopping Black owned businesses is also clutch. In case you didn’t know, shopping Black Owned businesses can close the racial wealth gap, help create generational wealth, strengthen local economies, create diversity in the marketplace, and more, but that’s the gist. So if you are interested in the development of any of the above, then this post is for you. Here are 10 Black Owned Businesses you should consider for your Christmas shopping and beyond. 

Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Toys is geared toward adult collectors. Founded by veteran artist and streetwear marketing guru Doug Evans, Magnetic Toys taps into the intersection of skate culture, streetwear and collector culture. The illustrated face of Magnetic Toys is Ash the Street Samurai, the coolest rabbit you’ll ever see. There’s an Ash figurine in multiple colorways, hoodies, shoes and more.  

Itadi Body

Itadi Body is a clean beauty + coffee brand founded by Tabi Bonney and his family in honor of his late father, Itadi Bonney. It’s a family run business that bridges Tabi’s West African and American heritage, with products sourced from the family’s farm in Togo. Expect lotion, toners, Togolese coffee, body scrub, face wash, and vibes. 

Afro Unicorn 

Afro Unicorn is an apparel and accessories line known for its brown Unicorn logo with a luscious curly mane. It’s the first Black woman-owned licensed character being sold in major retailers like Target, Walmart and more. Items include backpacks, t-shirts, sweatsuits, sunglasses, party supplies and more for kids and adults alike. 

Bounty and Full 

Kelis is a woman of many talents. We first met her as a singer, but she’s also an amazing chef. She still performs from time to time, but her true passion is farming and food, and that’s where Bounty and Full comes in. Through Bounty and Full, Kelis sells all kinds of sauces, teas, food boxes, beauty products, and more sourced from her very own Bounty Farms. 

Healthy Roots Doll

Zoe and her friends, Gaiana and Marisol are the dolls to get little doll lovers. They come in a variety of brown complexions and have curly hair that you can style with the same products you use on your hair, and you can add rollers and barrettes to your heart’s delight. The doll lover in your life will love switching up her hair and her clothes. 

54 Thrones

If you watch Shark Tank then you’ve probably seen the founder of 54 Thrones, Christina Funke Tegbe, slam dunk a deal with two sharks. 54 Thrones is a luxury clean beauty brand that uses shea butter, and other African super flora as the basis for a lot of its products. The shea butter, infused with a variety of ethically sourced herbs, is multipurpose, and there are also soaps, oils, face masks and more good stuff for the skin waiting for luxury beauty lovers. 54 Thrones works with African entrepreneurs to source quality ingredients for the brand. 

Wear Diop 

Wear Diop is where you want to shop for apparel and accessories that have a streetwear edge and an African-inspired twist. You can get hats, scarves, sweatsuits, shorts and a variety of statement-making apparel. 

Little Rootz 

Little Rootz provides a variety of satin bonnets, durags, and other hair accessories for kids. The bonnets come in a variety of colors with brown kid superheroes printed on them. Protect those little curls in style. 

Kahawa Coffee

Kahawa 1893 coffee is a good treat for the coffee lover in your life. This is coffee sourced from farms in East Africa. Supporting this brand means supporting women farmers and entrepreneurs in Kenya and Rwanda. By the way, “Kahawa” means coffee in Swahili. 

Brooklyn Tea 

Brooklyn Tea was founded in Brooklyn, with stores located in Bed-Stuy and Atlanta, but they also ship nationwide. Check out their website for a variety of wellness teas and accessories like tea pots, strainers, mugs and more.  

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