100 Black Men Speak Out on Alabama Congressional Districts Ruling


FILE - A map of a GOP proposal to redraw Alabama's congressional districts is displayed at the Alabama Statehouse in Montgomery, Ala., July 18, 2023. The Supreme Court is allowing work to proceed on a new Alabama congressional map with greater representation for Black voters, rejecting the state’s plea to retain Republican-drawn lines struck down by a lower court. (AP Photo/Kim Chandler, File)
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In a recent ruling, the U.S. Eleventh Circuit of Appeals mandated that the state of Alabama must redraw two congressional districts to create two Black-majority districts, emphasizing violations of the Voting Rights Act. The ruling comes after allegations that the state’s previous congressional district plan was racially gerrymandered and infringed upon the rights of Black Alabamians, violating both the United States Constitution and Section Two of the Voting Rights Act.

The districts in question were initially crafted by the Republican-controlled state legislature, sparking controversy over their compliance with the fundamental principles of the democratic process. Advocates argued that the design of these districts marginalized the voices and votes of Black Alabamians, a claim substantiated by the recent court ruling.

“The 100 is committed to standing up for the ability of all Americans to fully and fairly participate in the democratic process,” stated Milton Jones, the recently elected chair of the organization. 

The ruling has garnered significant attention from civil rights organizations and activists, highlighting the ongoing struggle for fair and equitable representation for minority communities. The decision to redraw these congressional districts is seen as a step towards ensuring that the electoral process upholds the principles of fairness and inclusivity, particularly for African Americans in Alabama.

Texas and South Carolina are just some of the states where recent battles continue over redistricting. Both states have Republican majority state legislatures.

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