A Lil’ Taste: 9 of Our Fav Foodies to Follow for Holiday Inspiration

These days, it’s easy to find people who are sharing ideas, tips and tricks, but even that can get overwhelming with so many to choose from.


Source: AURN Graphic
Source: AURN Graphic
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Holiday season always tends to sneak up on us, and it often causes unnecessary stress. Planning for events is never easy, but with gatherings most likely looking different this year due to COVID-19, it’s important to make things run as smoothly as possible. Food is an essential element to holiday gatherings, and the last thing you want to do is not know what’s on the menu or scramble at the last minute to try to gather ingredients.

You might go with some of your usual staples, but it’s also cool to mix things up. What’s not cool is racking your brain when there’s so much else to be done. That’s why it’s important to map out your food inspiration as early as possible. These days, it’s easy to find people who are sharing ideas, tips and tricks, but even that can get overwhelming with so many to choose from. So, we’ve put together this list of nine Black foodies you should follow for food inspiration. 

Chef Bae  

There’s no way you can scroll Sherri Smith aka Chef Bae’s social feeds without getting hungry. The self-taught cook shares hearty, savory, sweet and decadent meals, from lemon pepper wings to crab legs to peach cobbler and more—on the daily. And she’s not stingy with her recipes. You can dig deeper by checking out her YouTube, her cookbook, and purchasing some of her authentic seasonings and sauces.

Terri-Ann’s Kitchen

Terri-Ann is a self-described mommy and wife “who just loves to cook.” She decided to start sharing things she prepared for her family with the rest of the world, and it took off. Terri-Ann is based in the UK, but she hasn’t let go of her Caribbean roots. She shares everything from jerk chicken with rice and peas and plantains, to beef patties, to bakes. While a lot of her recipes are rooted in her St. Lucian heritage, she also incorporates different types of food from time to time. Terri-Ann shares her recipes on Instagram and YouTube.

Sweetpotato Soul

Jenne Claiborne is a professional vegan chef who simplifies her knowledge of plant-based eating with easy recipes, meal prep tips and tricks, and a breakdown on what tools to use. You can check her out on Instagram and YouTube, and her cookbook, Sweetpotato Soul, is available for purchase. She also has videos specifically about holiday entertaining.

Afrovitality Eats

Elsie Kriz of Afrovitality Eats is a pharmacist by day, but in her spare time she shares a variety of West African-inspired dishes on social media. The Cameroonian-born cook creates hearty stews, rice dishes, salads, and other colorful food delights that every carnivore, omnivore and even vegan and vegetarians can enjoy. There’s something for everyone in her repertoire and the ingredients are easy to come by.

Rachel Ama

The UK-based new mom has been sharing her vegan recipes online for some time now. She has amassed a large following by sharing simple recipes usually made from things that most people already have in their pantries. Her recipes are appealing to all pallets but especially to people interested in eating a more plant-based diet but not sure where to start.

I Cook You Look

Jameil Weldon is a social media specialist, but she’s also a busy mom, wife and foodie. She cooks classics like roasted chicken and vegetables and fish and grits, but also likes to keep it interesting. It’s satisfying to watch her perfect her creations.

B Forreal

B Forreal is yet another vegan who knows how to make plant-based eating exciting. Her recipes run the gamut from birria tacos to stuffed shells and more. Even better is the spirited way she walks you through what she’s doing.

Courtnee Futch

Courtnee Futch runs The Spread, a private catering and dinner party service, and Thunder Cakes, her e-commerce bakery. She posts hearty dishes that are great for entertaining, whether it’s for brunch, lunch, or dinner. In addition to artisan cakes and other baked goods, she’s not stingy with her recipes either. Courtnee creates “recipe cards” and quick video tutorials with instructions. Her cookbook,Early Enough: A Southern Girl’s Love Letter to Brunch, Banter and the Perfectly Paired Cocktail is available for pre-order.


People familiar with late 90s/early 00’s pop culture remember Kelis as a singer. She made waves with her debut song, “Caught Out There”, and went on to release other hits like, “Bossy” and “Milkshake.” While Kelis was known for her bold fashion choices and unique sound, she also developed a reputation behind the scenes as quite the cook. She grew up an avid fan of cooking and eventually went on to become a professionally trained chef, leaving busy LA behind for life on a farm. These days, Chef Kelis is doing a hell of a lot more cooking and catering. And through her company, Bounty and Full, she releases sauces and marinades and flavor boxes full of yummy ingredients grown right on her farm. She also has a cookbook and a cooking show on Netflix.

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