Donda’s House Shutters


** FILE ** Kanye West and his mother Donda hold his three awards backstage at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards in this Feb. 8, 2006, file photo in Los Angeles. West won for best rap album, solo and song. Donda West may have died of complications related to a surgical procedure performed at a Southern California hospital, a coroner's official said Monday, Nov. 12, 2007. West, 58, died Saturday, Nov. 10. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon, file)
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By Sunday morning, May 27, Donda’s House would be no more – at least, not in the same vein that it has existed in over the past seven and a half years. The parties overseeing the non-profit have announced plans to remove Kanye’s mother’s name from the project over threats that Kim made via a flurry of tweets that slammed Rhymefest for shaming her husband.

The Kardashian clan vixen clapped at the Chi-Town rapper/activist with accusations that he was using Donda’s name with the intention of disgracing Ye, and told him he only has himself to blame for the foundation going bust. Kim also stooped to a certain level of petty though, publicizing that his trip to see Ye in Wyoming was canceled, informing him that the hip-hop production great never had an intention of including him on the upcoming album and even clowning Fest for being spotted in fake Yeezys the last time she saw him.

Some of Kim’s language was condescending to the degree that she dismissed him, as was the case when she apologized to fans for tweeting about an artist that she was pretty sure they had no clue about.

“I don’t care if no one on your timeline knows who I am. The people in my community and in my city do, and that’s what truly matters to me,” said Rhymefest.

“Understand that the mission of Donda’s House has always been the value of collaboration, community and empowering youth to pursue their creative goals and dreams. What part about that would make it worthy of you or anyone else destroying it? Speak to the 500+ youth that we’ve worked with!”

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