New Poll Reveals Mayor Eric Adams Faces Uphill Battle for Re-election

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is grappling with a challenging political landscape as he gears up for the 2025 mayoral election.


New York Mayor Eric Adams, accompanied by Ingrid Lewis-Martin, his chief advisor, responds to questions during a news conference at New York's City Hall, Nov. 14, 2023. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
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NEW YORK (AURN News) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams is grappling with a challenging political landscape as he gears up for the 2025 mayoral election, with a recent Quinnipiac University poll indicating a significant drop in his approval ratings. The poll, released Wednesday, unveils a stark reality for the incumbent, with only 28% of registered voters expressing approval of his performance. According to Quinnipiac, this marks the lowest job approval rating for a mayor among NYC registered voters since they began polling in 1996.

Among Black constituents, a key demographic for Adams, the approval rating is higher at 48%. The poll also underscores a prevailing concern among 58% of the city’s registered voters, who believe that crime is a serious issue in New York City.

“Not only are voters giving him poor grades on the job he’s doing at City Hall, their views on his character have dimmed,” commented Mary Snow, Quinnipiac University Poll Assistant Director in a press release.

“As the city faces across the board budget cuts while dealing with a migrant crisis, headlines about a federal investigation into the mayor’s 2021 campaign and an accusation of sexual assault leveled against him from 30 years ago are taking a toll,” Snow added.

Adams is concurrently contending with an ongoing FBI investigation into his 2021 campaign, focusing on whether foreign money was funneled into it. This poll follows Adams’ recent defense of his political career earlier this week, where he expressed optimism about his prospects in the 2025 election.

“If you’re not planning your career, shame on you, but you know, running for mayor and managing a city of this level of complexity is different from having an idea. You have to actually be able to execute all the layers of doing so,” he said during a recent press availability.

As the political climate intensifies, Mayor Adams finds himself navigating a complex terrain, with the poll results reflecting the concerns of voters and the potential impact on his bid for re-election. The challenges ahead for Adams include not only addressing the pressing issues faced by the city from budget cuts to crime, but also rehabilitating his image and rebuilding voter confidence in the lead-up to the mayoral election scheduled for November 4, 2025.

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