On this day in 1955, E. Lynn Harris was born


E. Lynn Harris when he was editor of the Razorback yearbook in 1977. Razorback Yearbook via University of Arkansas
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E. Lynn Harris was born on June 20, 1955, in Flint, Michigan, and grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. Harris would go on to become a literary trailblazer, exploring themes of sexuality, race, and identity in his novels.

Harris’s debut novel, “Invisible Life,” published in 1991, shattered barriers and quickly gained attention for its bold exploration of black, gay love. The book’s success marked a turning point in Black literature, breaking new ground and opening doors for narratives that had long been marginalized.

Harris followed this triumph with a series of best-selling novels, including “Just As I Am,” “Abide with Me,” and “If This World Were Mine,” which continued to captivate readers and expand the boundaries of mainstream fiction.

E. Lynn Harris passed away on July 23, 2009, at the age of 54, but left behind a remarkable literary legacy.

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