On this day in 1971, jazz icon Louis Armstrong passed away


Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong is coming out of a Las Vegas dressing room in September 1970 and announcing to the photographer it was his “debut.” It was the first time back for Satchmo after an illness. (AP Photo/Eddie Adams)
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Jazz icon Louis Armstrong passed away on this day 52 years ago, on July 6, 1971.

Born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Armstrong’s career took off in the 1920s when he joined the influential band of Joe “King” Oliver. However, it was his groundbreaking recordings with his own groups, such as the Hot Five and the Hot Seven, that showcased his exceptional talent and cemented his place in music history.

Louis Armstrong’s gravelly voice and unique vocal style made him a celebrated singer. His unforgettable renditions of classics like “What a Wonderful World” and “Hello, Dolly!” captivated audiences worldwide and secured his status as a beloved entertainer.

Armstrong passed away at 69 years old of a heart attack, but his legacy lives on.

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