Today marks the 50th anniversary of hip hop


FILE - The front of 1520 Sedgwick Ave. is seen in the Bronx section of New York, July 23, 2007. Before it was a global movement, it was simply an expression of life and struggle: a culture that was synonymous with hardship and suffering, but also grit, resilience and creativity. Clive Campbell, also known as DJ Kool Herc, threw a back-to-school party with his younger sister in the recreation room of the apartment building one August day in 1973. Herc introduced the attendees to “the break” – extending the musical beat between verses? to allow for longer periods of dancing. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, file)
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On August 11, 1973, Clive “DJ Kool Herc” Campbell’s mixes at his baby sister’s back-to-school party ignited a cultural revolution that would reshape the musical landscape.

In 2021, New York Senator Chuck Schumer spearheaded the Senate’s unanimous approval of Resolution 331, a bill that officially designated Aug. 11 as “Hip Hop Celebration Day,” August as “Hip Hop Recognition Month,” and November as “Hip Hop History Month.”

As we commemorate this milestone, we honor the pioneers, artists, and communities that have propelled hip-hop into a global phenomenon. Happy 50 anniversary to hip hop!

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