White Supremacist Lampooned After Calling For ‘WAACP’


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A white supremacist by the name of  Preston Wiginton is being mocked on social media for suggesting that if blacks can have an NAACP then white people can have a WAACP.   Wiginton made the comment during an interview with campus newspaper at his alma mater Texas A&M for his role in organizing noted white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus.

“If we want to have a white state, or a white community or a white homeland we should be able to have that. “We respect that for all people. If we look at the NAACP, black people have the right to have that. Why can’t white people have a WAACP?”

NAACP stands for ‘National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.’  It’s not clear what Wigington thinks the acronym means, but it’s clear that based on his suggestion, he’s calling for a ‘White Association for the Advancement of Colored People‘.

Social media was quick to pounced.  Reactions ranged from “What an idiot!,” to “White Association for the Advancement of Colored People…Good idea!




Wiginton was being interviewed by ‘The Battalion‘ after outrage erupted on campus over his efforts to organize Spencer’s to speak on campus.  Spencer was in the news of late for comments made at white nationalist convention in DC, among which included a Nazi stiff-arm “Hail Trump” salute to the president-elect.

Meantime, Spencer is slated to speak at TAMU on December 6th, prompting protests from members of the TAMU Anti-Racism group.
Among reactions to Spencer’s upcoming appearance:



Another member of the group, identified as Rodney Young, a senior Food & Science major, told ‘The Battalion‘ that he does believe Spencer should be allowed to speak because of his right to free speech, but he does not agree with the rhetoric he predicts will be said during the event.

“I can be against the rhetoric that he does spew and the anti-semitic commentary that he gives. It depends on what he intends to come talk about. I can assume he’s going to say some very derogatory terms towards ethnic groups, which is why I’m apprehensive about it. Ultimately, I can’t be upset about him coming because he has the right to say what he wants.”


(Source: AURN)


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