Adults Only: 9 Veteran MCs/Albums for The Mature Ear


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If you find yourself exhausted by the next “Lil” or “Baby” named rapper, fear not; here’s a list of albums by some seasoned artists whose rhymes are getting better with time. 

AZ – Doe or Die 2

Sequels rarely hold up to the original, but that doesn’t mean this album isn’t solid. AZ’s bars never age and sound as good as they did in 95.

Year drop – 2021

Standout tracks – Just 4 U, keep it Real, Check Me Out

Jay Z & Jay Electronica – A Written Testimony 

Jay Electronica waited so long to debut his album that he became a veteran;
however, A Written Testimony is solid work, despite its cheat code assist from

Year drop – 2020

Standout tracks – Ghost of Soulja Slim, Fruits of the Spirit, A.P.I.D.T.A.

Benny The Butcher – Burden of Proof

Newer fans think Benny is a rookie, but long-awaited listeners have been
championing the Buffalo, NY MC for nearly a decade now.

Year drop – 2020

Standout tracks – Sly Green, One Way Flight, Timeless

Nas – King’s Disease 1 & 2

Nas and producer Hit-Boy is the team-up we didn’t know we needed. A veteran
MC flow combined with a young producer’s fresh ears.

Year drop – 2020(1) 2021(2)

Standout tracks – Pt.1 Ultra Black, Spicy, 27 Summers. Pt. 2 The Pressure,
Nobody, Brunch on Sundays.

Fat Joe & Remy Ma – Plata O Plomo

Many have made a claim, but Joey Crack and Remy are the true Bonnie & Clyde
MC duo of Hip Hop.

Year drop – 2017

Standout tracks – All the Way Up, Warning, Swear to God

Jadakiss – Ignatius

It’s Kiss, Nuff said.

Year drop – 2020

Standout tracks – Huntin Season, Gov’t Cheese, Keep it 100

YoGotti – Untrapped

Gotti has made the transition from Trap King to Trap Wiseman.

Year drop – 2020

Standout tracks – Untrapped, Put a Date on It, Pose

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Alfredo

Freddie’s flow and delivery improve with each verse while keeping his subject
matter at the same growth speed as his lyrics.

Year drop – 2020

Standout tracks – Scottie Beam, God Is Perfect, Something to Rap About

Missy Elliot – Iconology EP

Freddie’s flow

Missy is so great that she gave us an EP album after a decade, and all we can say
is Thank You.

Year drop – 2019

Standout tracks – – Throw It Back, DripDemeanor, Cool Off

As the Notorious BIG once said, “You never thought that Hip Hop would make it
this far?” when it comes to listening to music that was once considered a kid’s
genre, now the artist is getting married, having children, and talking about the
growth in their lives, and it’s a beautiful thing.

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