African and Caribbean Nations Call for Reparations for Slave Trade, Propose Global Fund


Youssouf Mondoha Asssoumani, chair of the African Union Permanent Representatives' committee, speaks at the Africa Union reparation conference held in Accra, Ghana, Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023. A Global Reparation Fund will be set up to push for overdue compensation for millions of Africans enslaved centuries ago during the transatlantic slave trade, according to resolutions reached by delegates at the summit. (AP Photo/ Misper Apawu)
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Nations across Africa and the Caribbean, deeply impacted by the transatlantic slave trade and the legacy of colonialism, have joined forces, calling for reparations from European nations. According to the Associated Press, delegates convened at a reparations conference in Ghana, West Africa, and reached a consensus to establish a Global Reparations Fund.

The Permanent Forum on People of African Descent presented a report to the U.N. General Assembly, highlighting that people of African descent worldwide continue to face “systemic discrimination and racialized attacks.”

The report emphasized the urgent need for reparations to rectify the deep-seated injustices. An additional report calculated that Britain’s accountability in the slave trade amounts to $23.2 trillion in compensation owed.

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