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8 Movies that Spark Black Girl Joy

There is so much going on in the world that it’s important to take a break and find some way to escape and decompress. In honor of Women’s History Month, let’s tap into some Black Girl Joy through the art of cinema. Here’s a list of eight great comedies featuring Black women. 

Fall Girls 

Paige Davis (Amara La Negra) gets a promotion at her high-powered job, and her boss invites her and her girls on a weekend getaway to celebrate. Paige, her friends, and her boss embark on a night of partying until they pass out only to wake up to find Paige’s boss dead. But this isn’t as macabre as it may sound. What follows next is a string of hijinks as Paige and her friends pretend that their boss is still alive, while they try to figure out who did it and who is subsequently trying to frame them. There’s a twist at the end. This Channels Weekend at Bernie’s but with a sprinkle of Black Girl Magic. 


Claudine is a classic starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. Set in 70s New York City, it centers around Claudine -a single mother – and her six children. Claudine works as a maid for wealthy communities but it’s still not enough to make ends meet so she also relies on public assistance. Unfortunately, the system tries to keep her down with social workers breathing down her back, trying to make sure there’s no man living with her in the house. Back then, women on welfare who got married or had live-in boyfriends were removed from receiving benefits, which is ridiculous, but that’s another story. However, that doesn’t stop Claudine from finding love, learning that she is worthy of good things, and working toward a better future for her family. 

The Lovebirds

This unexpected action movie starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani is hilarious. It’s about a couple who temporarily get carjacked and are still in the car as the carjacker uses their car as a murder weapon. The murder gets pinned on them when the assassin stealthily runs away. So, they embark on a hilarious journey to clear their names. 

Best Vacation Friends

Yvonne Orji and Lil Rel play Emily and Marcus in this funny buddy flick. Emily and Marcus go on what’s supposed to be a romantic vacation in Mexico, but things go awry from day one. Emily and Marcus meet Ron (John Cena) and Kyla (Meredith Hagner), another couple, who accidentally floods their room, making it indefinitely uninhabitable before they get to check in. The hotel is also booked so Ron and Kyla invite Emily and Marcus to stay in their baller suite. It’s a weird request, but it’s a suite so Emily and Marcus accept. Marcus had plans to propose to Emily on this trip but obviously, they get dragged into shenanigans with their quirky roommates for the week. The wild vacation adventure turns out to be fun but Emily and Marcus vow to cherish the moments they had. They also decide not to mention it again once they get back to the real world. However, things get even realer when we fast forward to Emily and Marcus’ wedding weekend back in their normal lives. Ron and Kyla crash the wedding and Marcus is especially concerned about how Emily’s bougie family is going to handle their colorful guests. 

Girls Trip 

Girls Trip is a classic! It’s a funny but heartwarming story about four college friends who get distracted by adulthood and fall out of touch for a while. When one of them is invited to be a keynote speaker at the Essence Festival, she reaches out to her girls and brings them back together for old time’s sake. They have fun reconnecting and rekindling their sisterhood. 


This is another classic about two “Black American Princesses” who have dreams and aspirations that are bigger than their small southern town. They end up getting lured to a mansion where they befriend a man on his deathbed. They help the ailing man feel alive again and he ultimately ends up changing their lives. 

Beyonce Homecoming 

When Beyonce became the first Black woman to headline Coachella, she brought a beloved piece of Black American culture with her. She rounded up some of the most talented HBCU band members and had them join her for an epic night of showmanship. She performed some of her most popular songs with her personal band and majorettes, and documented the process from start to finish. It’s an inspiring journey that celebrates Black history, pride, and Beyonce. 

The Beauty of Blackness   

The Beauty of Blackness is a new documentary chronicling the relaunch of the iconic Fashion Fair makeup line. It explores the history of the brand and how founder Eunice Johnson celebrated Black beauty through fashion and makeup, as well as how it was brought back to life and relaunched via Sephora. 

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