Chili’s Serves Up Apology to Army Vet After Manager Takes His Meal


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Ernest Walker III – (R to L – YouTube screenshot, Everipedia)

UPDATED:  The Chili’s Bar and Grill manager at the center of a Veteran’s Day incident in Cedar Hills, TX last week, has been placed on leave according to KXAS-TV (NBC5).  The manager who has not been identified is seen on video questioning the service of Ernest Walker, an Army vet who was taking advantage of Chili’s Veteran’s Day promotion.  Chili’s parent company has personally apologized to Walker.  Read more here.


Original post: 11/14/16

A jaw-dropping incident for a Army veteran in suburban Dallas Friday.

Seems Ernest Walker simply wanted to enjoy his free Veteran’s Day meal at a local Chili’s, that turned into what he called a humiliating situation.

Walker was enjoying a free burger at a Chili’s in Cedar Hill, TX as part of a promotion to honor military service.

As Walker recounted to several media outlets about having his meal snatched away from him by the restaurant manager who who questioned his service.

Just minutes before Walker says an elderly man has approached him as he sat with his service dog enjoying his meal. The man reportedly asked Walker about his service and said, s an elderly customer approached him and asked about his service and said, “They didn’t let you blacks over in World War II,” and walked away.

Shortly after, Walker says the manager started questioning him about his service.  He said, “Sir, we have guests that say that you are not a military veteran.’ I said, ‘excuse me?”

Walker says he produced all of his credentials, and those for his service dog, which the manager said was not a real service dog.

It is at that point when Walker begins recording the altercation:



After public outrage and social media outcry, Chili’s released a statement regarding the incident saying the company is taking taking the matter very seriously.

Fox 4 News Dallas spoke with Walker who told them, “The man who approached him first was wearing a Donald Trump campaign sticker.”  He told the media outlet he felt “it is no coincidence it happened days after Trump’s election.”

“I believe if it wasn’t for the temperature of America right now, I believe that man would have never reacted that way, because I think he’s probably a good person.”   See more here.

Walker’s Everipedia page states he a U.S. Army veteran and social justice activist located in Cedar Hill, Texas, having served the 25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning from 1987 to 1991.  He says he was 16 and homeless when he enlisted.


Source: AURN

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