FBI Launches Investigation Into NY Mass Shooting Spurred By White Supremacy


Police speak to bystanders while investigating after a shooting at a supermarket on Saturday, May 14, 2022, in Buffalo, N.Y. Officials said the gunman entered the supermarket with a rifle and opened fire. Investigators believe the man may have been livestreaming the shooting and were looking into whether he had posted a manifesto online. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)
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The FBI has launched a hate crime investigation into the horrific mass shooting on Saturday that killed 10 people and injured three others inside a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. The alleged shooter, Peyton Gendron, wrote a manifesto just nights before stating that he felt like white people were being replaced by minorities in the U.S.

At the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, President Biden said the shooting was an act of white supremacy.

“The Justice Department has stated publicly that it is investigating the matter as a hate crime, racially motivated act of white supremacy and violent extremism,” said Biden.

In response to the shooting, there are now extra New York City Police officers patrolling Black houses of worship. The Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, urged a response in the form of nationwide gun laws. She says New York’s gun laws are the toughest in the nation, but people can easily bring high-powered weapons purchased in other states into New York to commit these atrocities.

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