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As we enter the summer season, the opportunity to get a gift slows down. Lucky for you, AURN has you covered! This is going to be a list of the top five gifts to get for the summer season. Whether the person you are getting a gift for is a gamer or not, I’m sure you will find something on this list that will be a cool gift!

1. EA Sports College Football ’25 (Release date: July 19th, 2024)

This would be a great gift for a few reasons! The first reason is that this game brings back major nostalgia. NCAA Football ’14 was the last college football game to release, which was in 2013. That is over a decade of no college football video games. Gamer or not, if you watch college football, this game should excite you.

The second reason is that when the last college football game came out, there was no such thing as next-generation consoles. The graphics and gameplay on this game are going to be amazing (compared to what we last saw in 2013). This game does not release until July; however, it is available for pre-order. Once you get this game, give yourself some alone time, and game as if you were a kid again!

LINK: EA Sports College Football ’25

2. Nintendo Switch OLED

You’re not home all the time to sit and play games. The Nintendo Switch OLED is perfect for those who enjoy both home console and handheld gaming. The OLED model features a vibrant 7-inch screen and enhanced audio, making it a versatile and engaging option. With popular games like “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” and “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” it is great for anyone who loves Nintendo’s unique nostalgic titles.

LINK: Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – Nintendo

3. VR Headset (i.e., Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro)

Virtual reality provides a truly immersive gaming experience, completely different from traditional controller and console gaming. The Meta Quest 2 is one of the best standalone VR headsets available. With a wide range of games and experiences, from action-packed adventures to relaxing environments, it offers something for everyone. The freedom of wireless play makes it convenient and easy to use, offering an innovative way to enjoy gaming.

LINK: Meta Quest VR Headsets, Accessories & Equipment

4. Gaming Chair (i.e., Secretlab Titan Evo Series)

A gaming chair provides comfort and support, which is essential for long gaming sessions. It helps prevent back pain and promotes better posture, ensuring you can enjoy gaming time without physical discomfort. This gift highlights care for well-being while allowing indulgence in a favorite pastime. This chair ensures long hours of gaming without discomfort, providing both luxury and functionality.

LINK: Secret Lab Gaming Chairs

5. Customized Gaming Controller

A customized gaming controller tailored to personal preferences, featuring your favorite colors, game characters, or even a picture of you and your loved ones. The customized gaming controller is a thoughtful and personal gift that enhances the gaming experience. It shows that you know and appreciate the hobby, making gaming sessions more enjoyable and adding an individualized touch to the gaming gear. Many services offer custom designs for popular controllers (i.e., Xbox, PlayStation, etc.).

LINK: ZoomHitskin

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